Achilleon Diving Center

Daily Diving Trips

Scuba Diving for certified Divers

Paleokastritsa Diving Trips

Every day at 10:00, we go diving with our boats and choose from 22 wonderful dive locations. Spectacular caverns and caves, fantastic walls and reefs with a variety of species, and fascinating wrecks are just a few of the diving locations that will make this trip unique. The dives last 45-50 minutes in small groups (we separate open water and advanced divers). We provide the divers with all necessary diving equipment. We gather at 09:30, begin with the paperwork, and then arrange the equipment. Then we begin our journey, doing two dives at two separate dive locations before returning at 14:15. Snacks and water are provided to divers between dives. Divers from all diving organizations are welcome to join us.

Othonoi Island Dive Trip

Trips to Othonoi Island (situated just off the NW of Corfu) are organized twice a week. Meeting at the dive center at 10:00 we start our trip to Othonoi which lasts around 50 minutes. We have two amazing dives sites! Two stunning shipwrecks that we have the opportunity to explore and penetrate! Snacks and drink are offered to the divers between the dives. On our return, we will make a short stop at “White Beach” to admire its beauty! We return to the dive center at 17:00.

Dive schedule in Paleokastritsa Dive Center:

Certified Divers

– Paleokastritsa Trips: Meeting time 10:00 – Returns 14:30

– Othonoi Island Trip: Meeting time 10:00 – Returns 17:00

Daily Dive Trips


Upon your arrival:

  • Checking the diving certification and logbook. If you have forgotten your diving card, simply provide us your birthdate and we will look up the certification number through the on line system of PADI or SSI.
  • Complete the medical statement.
  • Set up your gear.
  • Your dive master or instructor will provide a full site briefing.
  • Separate “buddy” teams. Your guide for the day will pair you with another diver with comparable qualifications and experience.

At the dive sites:

  • Predive check.
  • Buddy check.
  • Entry techniques.

Dive sites are within 5 to 20 minutes boat ride of the diving center.

Dive time: 45-50 minutes
Depth: depending on your level of training
Visibility: up to 20 meters

Water temperature:
May: 18℃ – 20℃,
June: 18℃ – 21℃,
July: 19℃ – 21℃,
August: 20℃ – 23℃,
September: 21℃ – 24℃,
October: 22℃ – 25℃

Surface Interval:

Between dives (around 1 hour) we will give you a new tank for your 2nd dive and you have enough time for a snack and to relax!

  • Full site briefing.
  • Predive check.

2nd Dive: You will explore a new dive site depending on your level of training.

On our return:

Signing and stamping log books.