Try Rebreather Diving
There are numerous reasons to try diving with a rebreather:
  • There are NO BUBBLES coming out, therefore it is EXTREMELY QUIET underwater.
  • You REBREATHE your exhalation gas leading to gas efficiency.
  • You breathe the best NITROX for the depth you are at every single moment of your dive. This mean longer NO DECO time than open circuit at the same depth.
  • You “DIVE THE FUTURE”, using a cutting edge technology device to breathe.
  • You dive with a different buoyancy control method.
Achilleon Diving Center has been using the JJ Close Circuit Rebreather (JJ CCR) since 2019. It is a robust, reliable rebreather, with few maintenance needs. If you are already a certified JJ diver then rent a device and dive with it.
If you are certified on another device, feel free to try diving with one of the best CCR’s on the market.
Prerequisites to try:
Open Water Diver or equivalent + Nitrox


The try dive is the first lesson of the “ANDI JJ Rebreather Diver Level 1” course. The instructor/student ratio is 1:1, so it is like having a private lesson, which consists of two sessions:

Theoretical session 

In this session we explain you how the rebreather works, the physics behind it, Nitrox and O2 safety issues, as well as boyancy control which is different to the Open Circuit.

Duration: 1 Hour

Practical session

During this session we prepare the rebreather for diving, we conduct pre-dive checks and do the  briefing. After you have kitted up in full equipment it is into the water to put theory in practice. We start our dive off the beach at the max depth of 10m for about 1 hour. At the beginning of the dive we practice some basic U/W skills in shallow water and then we continue with a nice, relaxed dive. After the dive we disconnect the device and then finish with a small debriefing.

Duration: 2 Hours

Price: 200