Achilleon Diving Center

Paperwork for preparing your stay

To prepare your stay, you have these two documents to fill out and submit:

  • Information sheet
  • Medical questionnaire

Both forms are mandatory

PADI Discover Scuba® Diving Participant Statement

Read the following paragraphs carefully.

This statement, which includes a Medical Questionnaire, a Liabilily Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement (Statement of Risks and Liobilily), Non-Agency Disclosure and Acknowledgment and the Discover Scuba Diving Knowledge and Safely Review, informs you of some potential risks involved in scuba diving and of the conduct required of you during the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. If you ore a minor, your parent or guardian must read this Guide and sign on the bock panel.

You will also need to learn important safely rules regarding brecthing and equalization while scuba diving from the PADI Professional Scuba diving and the use of scuba equipment without proper supervision or instruction con result in serious injury or death. You must be instructed in its use under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor.

PADI Medical Questionnaire

Scuba diving is on exciting and demanding activity. To scuba dive you must not be extremely overweight or out of condition. Diving can be strenuous under certain conditions. Your respiratory and circulatory systems must be in good health. All body air spaces must be normal and healthy A person with heart trouble, a current cold or congestion, epilepsy, asthma, a severe medical problem, or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, should not dive.
If toking medication, consult your doctor before participating in this program.

The purpose of the Medical Questionnaire is lo find out if you should be examined by a physician before participating in recreational scuba diving. A positive response to a question does not necessarily disqualify you from diving. A positive response mecns that there is a preexisting condition that may affect your safely while diving and you must seek the advice of a physician.

Please answer the following questions on your past and present medical history with a YES or NO. If you are not sure, answer YES. If any of these items apply to you, we must request that you consult with a physician prior to participating in scuba diving. Your PADI Professional will supply you with a PADI Medical Statement and Guidelines for Recreational Scuba Diver's Physical Examination lo take lo a physician.

Check any question that applies

Non-Agency Disclosure and
Acknowledgment Agreement

I understand and agree that PADI Members ("Members"), including (fill in the resort's name) and/ or any individual PADI Instructors and Divemosters associated with the program in which I om participating, ore licensed to use various PADI Trademarks and to conduct PADI training, but ore not agents, employees or franchisees of PADI EMEA Ltd , PADI Americas, Inc., or its parent, subsidiary and affiliated corporations ("PADI"). I further understand that Member business activities ore independent, and ore neither owned nor operated by PADI, and that while PADI establishes the standards for PADI diver training programs, ii is not responsible for, nor does ii hove the right lo control, the operation of the Members' business activities and the day-to-day conduct of PADI programs and supervision of divers by the Members or their associated staff.

Statement of Risk and Liabiliry

This is a statement in which you ore informed of the risks of skin and scuba diving. The statement also sets out the circumstances in which you participate in the diving programme at your own risk.

Your signature on this statement is required as proof that you have received and read this statement. It is important that you read the contents of this statement before signing it. If you do not understand anything contained in this statement, then please discuss ii with your instructor. If you ore a minor, this form must also be signed by a parent or guardian.


Skin and scuba diving have inherent risks which may result in serious injury or death.

Diving with compressed air involves certain inherent risks; decompression sickness, embolism or other hyperboric injury con occur that require treatment in a recompression chamber. Open water diving trips that ore necessary for training and for certification, may be conducted al a site that is remote, either by time or distance or both, from such a recompression chamber. Skin and scuba diving ore physically strenuous activities and you will be exerting yourself during this diving programme. You must advise truthfully and fully inform the dive professionals and the facility through which this programme is offered of your medical history

Acceptance of Risk

I understand and agree that neither the dive professionals conducting this programme, (fill in your instructor's name) nor the facility through which this programme is conducted, {fill in the facility/resort name) , nor PADI EMEA Ltd., nor PADI Americas, Inc. nor their affiliate or subsidiary corporations, nor any of their respective employees, officers, agents, contractors or assigns accept any responsibility for any death, injury or other loss suffered by me lo the extent that ii result from my own conduct or any matter or condition under my control that amounts lo my own contributory negligence.

In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by the dive professionals conducting this programme, (fill in your instructor's name) , the facility through which this programme is offered, (fill in the facility's/resort's name) PADI EMEA Ltd., PADI Americas, Inc. and all parties referred to above, my participation in this diving programme is entirely al my own risk.